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Edna Fourie Gallery

Voortrekker Street

From the McGregor main street, and even from the 'stoep' of the gallery there is nothing to adequately prepare visitors for the experience inside. One step and you are in a privileged space. Colours glow softly in the stillness amid canvasses caressed with gentle brush strokes. 'Emotions recollected in tranquility' is how Edna Fourie describes her paintings. Her art also includes three-dimensional work created from recycled and found materials, as well as installations. The garden is slowly being transformed into a serene space which will eventually house the installations.

Edna's home on her farm is a converted barn set in an endless, empty space of Renosterveld and sky. It is in this silence and nothingness that she creates her art in a seamless connection between life and art.

Here you can also see "Cloudscapes", the photographic art of Arjan Bogaers who for many years has been capturing the splendour of the sky above our valley and - without using filters - interpreting its ethereal dramas of light, colour, and limitless space.
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