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Millstone Pottery

1 Bree Street

This barn used to belong to a wagon-maker whose wagons transported McGregor's whipstocks along with passengers to Worcester to catch the train to Johannesburg. It has also served as a dairy and a wine-cellar. Now - attractively pumpkin-coloured - it is the gallery and workshop of Paul de Jongh (one of South Africa's leading potters) and Nina Shand, his consort and co-worker. They have been making pots here for ten years and they live in the adjacent house with their children, Sarah and Joshua.

In the barn's thick-walled, cool interior is a wall-to-wall still-life of beautiful, ceramic utensils and objects of art. Long shafts of sunlight penetrate through the small windows and creating highlights of turquoise, orange, and gold among the earth colours. The four wacky black crosses on the outside walls are not Satanic symbols (as tourists sometimes ask) but tie-rods which prevent the building from collapsing. And don't be alarmed by the clouds of dark smoke, and the flames which you sometimes see leaping from the chimneys at the back. Paul is a high-temperature wood-firer and the smoke and flames announce that he is firing his wares. Wood-firing of this order is rare among today's potters.

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