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Vrolijkheid - Roy Reycraft

Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve

Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve was once the home of a dozen zebras with unusual stripe patterns. They'd been chosen in the hope of breeding quaggas. The project failed and the stables and staff buildings now serve new purposes. In one of them, at the end of a circuitous bumpy track you will find Roy Reycraft and Pam. Don't be deceived by the PWD (Public Works Department) look of the place. Inside is a stage setting for Hansel and Gretel - doll's house miniatures and Pam's hand-crafted objects are all over the place.

You might catch a glimpse of Pam herself in the kitchen standing on a packing case stirring fudge with a wooden spoon. Roy will of course be in the shed alongside the house, forging brass and copper, or moulding bits of wood. He is making garden art - clock-accurate personalized sun-dials, custom-made weather vanes, and the spectacular spiraling sprinklers for which he is now well-known. Hard to believe that in a previous life he was a blaster with a hard-rock qualification. "It's so much nicer" he says, "since I stopped blowing things up and got creative instead."

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