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Temenos Retreat Centre

Voortrekker Street

Call at the office for your copy of the art-in-a-garden map and enter the sequestered world of the Temenos garden - heart-child of Billy Kennedy. Walk the maze of paths - past shrines, flower beds, ponds, and statues. It is a walk of inspiring quietude culminating in the profound stillness of The Well - a gem of a meditation centre where time and place cease to exist.

During days of silent retreat the gardens are closed to visitors.

Fronting the main street is Tebaldi's restaurant, named because of Billy's passion for opera. Some villagers refer to it with fond irreverence as "Da Baldies" because of the tonsured heads of the modern-day monks who run it. Leading off from the restaurant is the La Scala contemporary gallery. It features Billy's contemplative paintings and the powerful abstracts of internationally-known artist Delia Millet.

Delia is our artist-on-the-hill. She describes her work as "Flow" a journey through the human concept of life and death, and in spite of the precipitous gradient, she will gladly come down from her eyrie to show you her paintings.

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