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Voortrekker Street

Villagers is more like a creativity emporium than a gallery because Annelien van der Colff's talents spill out in several directions. She epitomises the artist as "maker". With her hands she makes sculptures and paintings, and garments in wool or cloth. With her guitar and mellifluous voice she makes music. And with her buoyant spirit she makes friends and converts wherever she goes.

She lives with husband Corrie on a nearby farm, Rhebokskraal, where among other things she makes grape and olive products.

Annelien is also a teacher so at Villagers you can chisel your own piece of rock, paint pictures with oil pastels, or vroetel around in a basket of wool so as to sit knitting alongside Annelien in front of the fire. You can make your own pita-filling and help yourself to koffie-in-die-kan. That is, if you are not being drawn in charcoal. Courses in sculpture and painting are available by appointment.

Annalien had the priviledge to paint the late Busi Mhlongo's prayers on her latest CD Amakohlwe. One of the paintings was also used on the CD cover. It was a total intuitive experience and give her an oppurtunity to do portrets, her forte while studying Fine Arts at Potchefstroom university. For Annalien, music and color go hand in hand. Visit Villagers to see more of her olive landscapes. She paints under the name AMO.

082 896 0429


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