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Voortrekker Street

The name ZUMM is from the Luhdo family's names - Zoe, Uli, Mary, Mika and Uli Luhdo is the artist. What you see out front is the merest hint of what lies within. Every surface of what was once a very ordinary house now testifies to a prolific creativity. Mobiles hang from ceilings and trees like elaborately-shaped fruits, mundane household items like cupboard doors suggest a Mad Hatter's Tea-party, and strange animals crouch in corners. The effect is formidable but there is order and system here and respect for each of the items whether beautiful, grotesque, or witty.

Uli is adept in several mediums but it is wood that has been his favourite for the past few years - rejected, throw-away wood. Each piece - no matter how heavy, how ant-eaten, twisted, burnt - is a challenge to his energy and ingenuity.

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